Online Application


Document Preparation: Please prepare the following documents for our online application process (incomplete submissions will not be reviewed):

1. A passport photo
2. Birth Certificate
3. Immunization Record(Cover page and Content page)
4. Application Fee: HKD$40* (bank slip)

*Application fee is to be deposited to.
Kindergarten(K1 to K3) : 「BRIGHTLAND EDUCATION GROUP LIMITED」 Bank of China Account #012-916-0-084937-9.
Please reference the applicant’s(child) name on the bank slip or online transfer receipt.The application fee should be completed before submitting the online application.

* Please complete the application form ONLINE and upload the required documents, including:The child’s personal passport photo, Birth certificate ,Imminization Record(Cover and Content Page) and Application Fee Bank slip, After that you will receive a Confirmation email.