About Brightland

Brightland International Kindergarten, located in Tak Nga Court, Tai Po, is run by a group of enthusiastic professionals. Since September 2016, the school has been providing quality pre-school education to children both inside and outside Tai Po area.

Professional Qualifications

We have a high quality and dedicated team at Brightland International Kindergarten. Our teachers show love, creativity and vitality to all the children in our school. Our staff at Brightland help children to develop their self-esteem and social skills.

Through a wide range of courses, our teachers devise a learning environment, develop teaching plans, collect teaching materials and produce teaching aids so that children can learn in a rich environment which facilitates the implementation of our bilingual curriculum designed to cater for individual needs. They will set a good example to enable young children to learn from them and to achieve the goal of education for all.

School Environment

The campus environment is excellent and the school facilities are of high quality. Our classrooms are spacious, and well ventilated. We have excellent facilities for indoor activities , and a variety of advanced audio-visual teaching materials for children’s intellectual, emotional andphysical developmental needs.