School-based Curriculum

Our curriculum targets children in their early years of schooling. We place emphasis on the development of children’s biliterate and trilingual competency through an integrated approach adopted by both local and foreign teachers.
In addition to the cognitive and language foundation, we also believe that social, emotional, physical and moral education are important for the overall development of young children. We offer them with enough freedom and opportunity to develop logical thinking and judgment, and a proper learning attitude


Through diverse arts activities and learning environments, children can explore different aesthetic potentials, enrich their perceptual experience, express their personal thoughts and feelings, cultivate creativity and imagination, and enjoy the fun of creation so as to guide young children to actively appreciate the things around them and to develop an interest in life and enhancing its quality.


The school aims to nurture the language foundation of children in both Chinese(Cantonese) and English. In addition, we also provide Putonghua interest activities. English and Putonghua are taught by native speakers. The children will learn in a rich and fun language environment, which will consolidate their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in English and Chinese. Through the Chinese and English reading programs, we aim to enable young children to cultivate good reading habits, laying the foundation for lifelong self-learning.

Science and Technology

Through play and manipulation of scientific activities, children can appreciate the close relationship between science, technology and real life. With teachers’ appropriate guidance, children will also pay attention to their living environment. In the classroom, teachers use EVI teaching materials on the computer education platform to enable young children to get up-to-date information and study general education. They can also extend and reinforce the teaching subjects through computer games.

Physical Fitness

The school attaches importance to the development of children’s sensory function, their ability to focus and observe, good habits, self-care ability and a healthy lifestyle. We also promote the development of children’s Gross Motor Skills, physical limitations and awareness of their safety. through daily physical activities.

Morality & Society

In addition to academic study, the school also places emphasis on children’s moral education and social development. The school provides different learning activities to cultivate children’s positive values and attitudes. Through themes about life, children can learn about “caring”, “sharing”, “respect”, “confidence”, “courage”, ” “Thanksgiving”, “perseverance” and other good characters. In the area of group development, the school encourages young children to actively participate in group activities and provide ample free time to develop communication and interaction skills to improve their social skills.